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Quality, innovation and specialization.
HANRO of Switzerland
Pure Luxury on Skin.
Made in the USA, Knock out! offers Smart Panties™ lingerie, Workout Warrior™ workout gear, Mighty Nighties™ Sleepwear and men’s NO TRACE® undergarments.
They excel at jacquard and sateen woven fabrics of high thread counts which become exquisite bed linens of heirloom quality.
Sigvaris offers measured, controlled efficacy graduated compression socks and stockings for treatment of venous disorders, legs well-being, and sports activities.
Made in the USA, Three Dots is an evolving concept in lifestyle dressing based on great fabrics, inspired design, fastidious construction and the perfect fit.
twenty is redefining and innovating. Through the use of exclusive luxury knits with a deliciously soft texture, a timeless versatility, and an edgy sophistication in beautiful silhouettes twenty creates basics that are anything but basic.
Premium garments, made from high-tech organic cotton with fabric manufactured in Switzerland. 100% Natural. 100% Functional.
The world’s finest underwear. Handmade in Switzerland since 1871.

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Made from the best cotton from the world’s top growing regions; both durable and soft to the touch, low foreign fiber contamination; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
  Optimal yarn structure that offers stable dyeing properties, and optimum running efficiency in weaving, knitting, and warp knitting; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
  Combining the best elements of single and plied yarn; boasts evenness, strength, and low hairiness; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
  Boasts low hairiness, excellent pilling values, even yarn structure, for a perfect look also after many washings; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
  Perfect for products with a more fashion-forward look; it’s ideal for unique looks that require creativity and flexibility of styling; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
  For buyers who value both quality and environmental responsibility; 100% organically grown extra long staple cotton.
  Offers eye-popping dye colors for your customers, and maximum flexibility for you; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
Distinguished by its superior, speedy moisture management that keeps the wearer dry both during and after exercise; 100% extra long staple Supima® cotton.
Features an extraordinarily soft and supple hand that’s matched by its silky sheen; boasts a high water absorbency and good dimensional stability; 100% Lenzing MicroModal Edelweiss®.
  Our stylish (heather) mélange yarn for all imaginable colors. Suitable for piece or garment dyeing; 100% Lenzing MicroModal Edelweiss®.
  Fine, soft, and shimmering that brings textiles a lustrous sheen; known for exceptional comfort and softness; 85% Lenzing MicroModal Edelweiss® / 15% silk.
The best features of two natural fibers; boasts a high dimensional stability whether they’re wet or dry, and a comfortable softness; 50% combed extra long staple Supima® cotton / 50% Lenzing MicroModal Edelweiss®.
  With a fineness comparable to natural silk, products made with this yarn exude pure luxury; 50% combed extra long staple Supima® cotton / 50% Lenzing MicroModal Edelweiss®.
A high-tech yarn that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, which allows for more fibers in the yarn cross-section, which in turn means a high-performance product with superior strength, softness, drape, and sheen; 100 % Lenzing Micro TENCEL®.